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BOTS, BOTS EVERYWHERE: A Guide to Finding Turing Test Approved Love

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Beware 30 something your old, 4’ 6” BOTS!
They could be in your homes, they could be in your schools, and they could occupy the majority of users on theroomdating.com.
A BOT could be impersonating anyone. But is your loved one a BOT?
First you need to know what BOT stands for:
B is for Beautiful
O is for Oarinspiring
T is for Trick profiles.
When deciding whether someone you know is a BOT there are 5 main attributes that identify BOTTYNESS.

Firstly do they have an extremely attractive picture of themselves that would have been taken at one of those expensive photography studios?
Secondly are they an auspicious 4’ 6”. A size that would make any insecure man look tall.
Quaternerly does their name contain conveniently clichéd alliteration that belongs in a children’s book. Names may or may not entail: “Svetlana Svet” “Rose Rose” “Roz Russell”
Fifth though most of us are social drinkers, being a social drinker is a sure sign of BOTTY witchcraft. All BOTS are social drinkers but not all social drinkers are BOTS. Be enlightened people!

You are now ready to swipe left to all dem BOTS you filthy room fetishist, now with that extra time you would have wasted searching for the girl off your dreams, you can go firm your worm or double click your mouse to some spiral staircase pics!
[Please note this is not a fool proof method and you may just be in the company of a profile of the very gorgeous daughter of Doctor Zeus and a Garden Gnome, that has only bothered filling out 8 columns of her personal details (if ur out der, plz wnk me )]

[NB]: Its seems the appealing BOTS have been removed by our lord TW. We can now chat to our fellow 32ish roomies on the site without fear. So this guide is no longer relevant but I hope you enjoyed the last 5 mins you wasted of your life.

Next guide: Which sexy male room character are you?

  • Июня 24 2016 в 13:02
Mike nice guide thanx
Июня 24 2016 в 13:05
Mike tbh i think a bot is my only chance at love
Июня 24 2016 в 13:05
Mike haha im joking
Июня 24 2016 в 13:05
Mike hahahahhaha
Июня 24 2016 в 13:05
Mike firm your worm
Июня 24 2016 в 13:06
ChrisR4LyFe thankx for you
Июня 24 2016 в 13:06
ChrisR4LyFe hahah im sure 4'6" is really tall for ap erosn haha
Июня 24 2016 в 13:07
ChrisR4LyFe hahah im sure 4'6" is really tall for ap erosn haha
Июня 24 2016 в 13:10

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