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Please get me hooked up

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My lonely ass here for nothing and nothing but love. I feel odd messaging this but I've seen some weird a s sh t on this g ddamn blog so I'm sure this will fit right in.

SO I'm basically a cat looking for human love, preferably a loaded man like our hero Tommy. It's ok girls can have a shot at me just don't be a Lisa.

I have to be tortured with kid in my school named nicholas and he's like if a Lisa were to have herpes for a peronality and the fact I dealt with him for less than one school year (missing months due to quarantine) made me closer to a cliff edge than having mom smack me with a bamboo stick back when I was 6. So I'm definitely not up for another Lisa.

I swear to god I meet another Lisa his or her ass (oh their) will be completely DEMOLISHED.
so ya if you fit those criteria I would love to have an amazing conversation with you, maybe in 3DCiy? I don't really know what it is yet however I'm gonna look into it, i literally have no idea what it is or for how long it existed but I@m excited to check it out, I hope to hell it doesn't use Adoba Flash Player.

Anyways talk to you lovebirds later. And God please bless this cursed website domain and all that's under it especially these murderous blogs. Thanks

anyways how's your sex life

  • September 30 2020 at 16:33

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